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JTC Litigation is a Toronto employment law boutique focused on workplace litigation and complex workers' compensation appeals. We help employees and employers advance their interests when it matters most.

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Our roster of clients include employees, executives, regulated professionals, owners of small to mid-sized businesses, and non-profit organizations.

From negotiating severance packages to taking a wrongful dismissal action to trial, we have the resolve, judgment, and endurance to assist you.


Employment Litigation

We advance and defend wrongful dismissal actions.

- human rights claims
- reprisal applications
- constructive dismissals
- terminations for cause
- unpaid bonuses/commissions
- complaints of unsafe work conditions
- contractual disputes (enforceability of restrictive covenants)
- employee classification disputes

Workers' Compensation Appeals

Navigating the workers' compensation scheme in Ontario is a complicated and needlessly frustrating experience.

We represent employees and employers in complex appeals that seek benefits for traumatic mental stress, survivor benefits, occupational disease, chronic pain disability and other secondary injury benefits.

We also provide representation for employer claims that seek SIEF relief, premium adjustments, and advocacy at return to work meetings.

Employment Law Advice and Document Drafting for Business Owners

We provide legal services to proactive business owners who seek to avoid employment litigation.

Many of our organizational clients rely on us for legal advice concerning the hiring, terminating, and accommodation of employees, as well as the drafting of core employment documents.

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about jtc litigation

Jennifer Taylor Chan

Jennifer is discreet, principled and focused.  Her entire legal career has been devoted to practicing employment and workers' compensation law.

She represents clients before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, Ontario Labour Relations Board, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal, Small Claims Court, and the federal adjudication program under the Canada Labour Code. She has also had the privilege of appearing before the Supreme Court of Canada.

Prior to JTC Litigation, Jennifer practiced workplace law in both the public and private sector including at an employment law firm on Bay Street and as Tribunal Counsel at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal.

Jennifer is the Vice-Chair of the Ontario Bar Association's Workers' Compensation Executive. She has been a member of the executive since 2018.




University of Windsor, Faculty of Law
McGill University


Member of the Law Society of Ontario
Member of the Ontario Bar Association
Member of the Advocates' Society
Member of the Toronto Lawyers Association
Member of the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers
Member of the Legal Advisory Board of Rosa


Speaker, "Scope of Competency", Law Society of Ontario - Ethical Issues in Workers' Compensation Law for Lawyers and Paralegals, November 4, 2021, Toronto, ON

Speaker, "Infection Disease Emergency Leave or Temporary Layoff: Understand Employment Relationships in COVID", ezCPD, June 17, 2021, online

Speaker, "Emerging Issues and How to Develop a Workplace Safety/Investigation Practice", Ontario Bar Association - Introduction to Workplace Safety and Harassment Law and Investigations, April 14, 2021, Toronto, ON

Speaker, "After the Investigation", Ontario Bar Association - Workplace Harassment Investigations: What you need to know before, during and after, February 24, 2021, Toronto, ON

Program Chair, "Ethics and Professionalism in Workers' Compensation Adjudication", Ontario Bar Association, November 13, 2019, Toronto, ON

Speaker, "Introduction to Workplace Safety and Harassment Law and Investigations", Ontario Bar Association, September 12, 2019, Toronto, ON

Speaker, "Mental Fitness to Support a Successful Practice", 12th Annual Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers (FACL) Conference & Gala, February 23, 2019, Toronto, ON


In Zero to One, Peter Thiel writes that whenever he interviews someone he asks: "What important truth do very few people agree with you on?" Jennifer’s answer is that growth has diminishing returns. In order to achieve excellence, Jennifer ardently believes that you must remain small. No arbitrary billing targets or backbreaking caseloads. She disavows eighty-hour weeks, chaotic work environments, and passing the buck to someone else. Working with a boutique law firm means that client emails are answered, focus is concentrated, and deadlines are always met.


JTC Litigation is a future-proof  law firm. Jennifer leverages the power of technology to reduce traditional operational costs, which enables her to offer expert advocacy at a fair and transparent cost. Jennifer’s definition of “fair and transparent” means using a combination of blocked fees and competitive hourly rates with options for deferred payment.

Access to justice means that client resources should be overwhelmingly allocated to deep work that cannot be outsourced. To that end, Jennifer uses machine learning software whenever possible to assist in tasks such as aggregating case law and assessing probable outcomes using base rates.


Strategic Litigation requires a fundamental understanding of risk and probabilities.

jennifer taylor chan
Barrister & Solicitor

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